June 21 through June 29, 2008


Rehearsal Schedule

Testament  is the youth choir from First United Methodist Church. Arlington, Texas, This group of Christian young people, regularly leads the 8:15 a.m. worship service.

Students Involved

Weekly Preparations

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Performance Venues

Homecoming Concert

Each year Testament takes several days out of their summer to participate in a special choir tour. The Primary purpose of this tour is to share Christ, and the Love of God with others around our nation through music.  They have the pleasure of singing  in churches, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities during their journeys, and often get  once in a lifetime opportunities to sing in some very exciting locations. 

While sharing Christ on the road with others, members of Testament  sing all music from memory, prepare and participate in devotionals, learn more about who Christ is and who Christ can be in their lives, create a joyous sound, and live a spiritual experience like no other. The time spent together on this trip allows the students and their leaders to build a Christian community within the choir.

In addition to the concert performances, the group spends one day of the tour working in mission in the community they are visiting.